Skylights: What is it for?

Are you a fan of looking at the outside without the need of going outside? Me too. Windows make this work out. Windows not only provide the protection you need in your home without having to enclose yourself altogether, it also provides you enough lighting to keep your home brighter. In times of winter, windows also help you see the outside world while keeping warm indoors. It may not bring as much light as in the summer times but it sure does the work of keeping you updated of what’s happening outside your door. 

Skylights also works like a window; however, it is a version of window that is up on your roof tilted in a way you get a good view of the sky. Like windows, skylights also offer your home some light to help it brighten up and maybe make your home a bit bigger than it actually is to look at. More than that, it gives you an opportunity to gaze at the stars at night or the moon. More than a nice view, a skylight also provides more air into your home, something to provide you a bit more ventilation in the summer. 


Skylights can vary not just in shapes but also in material. Some are designed to a specific weather condition to ensure that while it is pretty to look at it also provides safety.  


Glazing is the different types of skylights. There can be plastic and there can be glass, for sure you might opt for glass because it looks more durable and classier, design wise. However, if you are someone on a tight budget but want to achieve that star gazing at night goal, then you can opt for a plastic glazing because it is a much more affordable skylight compared to glass. The thing about plastic glazing is how it is less durable and long lasting, plastic tends to warp with too much heat, moreover it also prone to discoloration. You always have the option to coat the plastic with a special film to make it last more.  


Glass on the other hand is a preferred choice for individuals who want a lasting skylight. Discoloration won’t be an issue in a glass skylight and it simply looks more elegant compared to a plastic one. However, glass used in skylights are laminated or tempered for safety. Glass, when tempered and undergoes a lot of heating and cooling is more durable compared to a normal glass that did not go through such processes. There can be more combinations when it comes to glass but for now take it into mind that it is your best option to a home with a pretty skylight that’s long lasting.  


A glass skylight that’s tinted can also help in keeping your home from too much heat. Tinted glass skylights provide a blocking effect to sunlight. Some glass skylight also serves best in winter. This directly implies that the skylight you need to consider in your home must not only be a choice between plastic and glass, it should be taken into consideration that climate is a big factor to your material of choice.  


To know more about what skylight is best for your home and the weather condition your home location is in, consult a professional today to know more. If you want a skylight installed in your home, it is wise to consult someone who knows the best type for your home. Lancaster roofing services provides you just this. Book an appointment today and have your skylight installed by the best people who knows best.